A few words for Foreigners

If you come from abroad – for example as an international student -, are non native french speaker and are interested by diving, you are of course welcome as well in this club: “Cercle Paul Bert Rennes Plongeon” provides a great local sportive activity rarely known and worth to discover. You will be able to train all the year here, and practice later worldwide.

You should be able to translate on your own the basic informations written in french on this site. Please be aware that you should not expect from the coaches other than directives in french, and although everything can be vaguely explained by gestures, it would be more convenient if you are able to master a minimum of the french vocabulary about body parts and body gestures.

Please also note well that after 3 free trial courses, you would have to pre-register on Kalisport external site , uploap a recent medical certification valid for “la pratique du plongeon” / “diving practice” and come after email notification with a payment.  Do not confuse the word “plongeon” / “diving” and “plongée” /  “scuba diving”. Do not hesitate to contact us by mail.